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You are entering the world of extraordinary experience. is a group of brands in the exciting and ever-evolving industry of events, expos and merchandise. For the past 15 years it has been the home of three brands offering A-Z services for events management, expo solutions and branded merchandise, ranging from event planning and coordination, events logistics, stand design and building, or branded items for your clients and employees. We cover everything from a fun pool and games day with your team, through formal dinners, to corporate conferences and big expos anywhere in the world.

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Welcome to MYeventplanner, Print&Merchandise and TurnkeyExpos.

No matter which industry you find yourself in, if you can choose to be one thing, it should be efficient. And that is where the idea of creating a group and bringing our well-established brands under one umbrella came from - to be the group that strives to be known for exceeding expectations. encapsulates a team that, for the past 15 years, has shaped the industries of event organization, expo management and branded merchandise. MYeventplanner, Print & Merchandise and TurnkeyExpos are three names synonymous with the industries as their names suggest, now forming the ultimate one-stop-shop for all event, merchandise and conference/expo needs to redefine the term efficiency.

Whether it’s event logistics catering for hundreds of guests, stand design and building to customer specifications, or staff pool parties and team building events with the collateral to go with them, we have done it locally as well as in partnership across the globe.



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